Be prepared for your next camp, tournament, or recruiting event.

Artemis was born to provide training guidance for the best lacrosse players across the country.

So many players have a full schedule of practices, games and tournaments throughout the year, but tend to get stuck on some of the specifics of their training and recruiting plans. Doing the same drill over and over can get monotonous, and sometimes players want to work on a specific part of their game after receiving feedback from a coach.

Artemis provides training plans for fitness, strength, speedwork, position specific work, stickwork, and also provides recruiting guidance and equipment recommendations for serious lacrosse players of all ages. All of the information has been compiled by players and coaches with 10+ years of experience, who currently coach young women from all over the country.

Our mission is to empower dedicated, committed athletes to get the most out of their training, and elevate their game. 


You bring the drive and commitment to improving, we will provide you with the plans.

These training plans have been specifically designed for women’s lacrosse players wanting to get to the next level. The training provides workouts for daily conditioning, as well as stickwork and skillwork on each day. Each plan has a beginner, intermediate and an advanced workout, and was designed by former D1 players and coaches who understand what it takes to be the best.

Position specific drills include: stickwork, shooting, dodging, defensive footwork, checking, draw work, midfield fitness, and more.


Easy, reliable recruiting information so you can focus on your play.

The hardest part of the recruiting process should be how you play, not gaining access to information. This section provides the guidance and information necessary to take the first steps of your college recruiting process. Access email templates, timelines, recommended events, video templates and more, that would typically cost $1000+ with personal trainers and on other platforms.